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Feng Shui Research CenterThe Feng Shui Research Center (FSRC) was found by world known Feng Shui Master Joseph Yu in 1998 with the purpose of teaching authentic Chinese Metaphysics.

The Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Yijing courses are of the highest quality. Some courses are written for laypersons and some courses are written and taught in order to train people who are dedicated to practicing Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Yijing as a profession.

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I am a proud member of the International Network of Feng Shui Reseach Center. After completing my studies and obtaining my certification I am convinced that this school provides high quality education in the field of Classic Feng Shui, marked by the following professionals.

Members of the FSRC represent same approach and same values. Cooperation and sharing knowledge are values for all of us. Several affiliated Feng Shui Research Centers have been established in various parts of the world in order to teach and offer professional services in these ancient Chinese arts. Following the example of its founder Master Joseph Yu, all FSRC affiliates internationally are committed to maintaining the highest standard of Feng Shui education, services and ethics.

Feng Shui Research Centre International Network

Feng Shui International Network

Joseph Yu Feng Shui Master, founder of FSRC

Feng Shui Research Center »

Feng Shui Master Joseph Yu Interview

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Halassy Marianna Feng Shui Master, FSRC teacher (USA, Hungary)

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Members worldwide

Vasso Anagnostopoulou Feng Shui Master (Greece)

Feng Shui Research Center Greece »

Jodi Brunner Feng Shui Master (Australia)

Feng Shui Research Center Australia »

Jodi Brunner Master of Feng Shui »

Feng Shui Network »

Stephen Buss Senior Feng Shui Practitioner (UK and France)

Feng Shui by Stephen Buss »

Theofanis Chazakis (Θεοφάνης-Ελευθέριος Χαζάκης) Senior Practitioner, Teacher - Feng Shui Course mentor (Greece)

Teofanis Chazakis Fengshui practitioner »

Ting-Foon Chik Chinese Astrologer, Feng Shui Consultant and Teacher (Richmond, UK)

Ting-Foon Chik – Feng Shui & Astrology »

Patti Farley Certified Feng Shui Practitioner (USA)

Flying Stars Feng Shui Consulting »

Patty Farley Feng Shui Consulting »

Monica Hess Feng Shui senior consultant (USA, Kentucky)

"Feng Shui This" with Monica Hess »

Elaine Hosiassohn Master of Feng Shui (South Africa)

Feng Shui Dynamics »

Teresa Hwang Feng Shui master and interior designer (Canada)

Feng Shui and Design »

Jeannie Feng Shui Practitioner(France)

Fengshui Heritage »

Katie Lewis Senior Feng Shui Practitioner (Canada)

Time and Space Feng Shui »

Meihwa Lin Feng Shui & Four Pillars Consultant (USA)

Wealth, Health and Harmony »

Tabitha Miller Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Professional Educator and Speaker (USA)

Florida Feng Shui Consultant Orlando Daytona Beach »

Milana Minaeva Senior Feng Shui Practitioner Consultant & Teacher (Russia)

Milana Feng Shui »

Feng Shui Research Center Russia »

Antoinette Pedro Feng Shui Master (South Africa)

Traditional Feng Shui »

Rose Renton Feng Shui consultant and teacher (New Zealand)

Rose Renton Feng Shui »

Marina Shulman Feng Shui Master (Israel and Russia)

Feng Shui Research Center Israel »

Tytan Tan Feng Shui Consultant (Malaysia)

Classical Feng Shui Tips for House & Business »

Päivi Vilkki Feng Shui Master and Usui Reiki Master (Finland)

Päivi Vilkki Feng Shui Master »

Elizabeth Wiggins Feng Shui Consultant (Australia)

Feng Shui Living »

Everything Feng Shui »

Feng Shui Research Centre International Network

Members in Hungary

Fehérné Kenéz Gabriella Feng Shui consultant (Hungary)

Futóné Határ Boglárka Feng Shui consultant (Hungary)

Hornyánszky Simon Feng Shui consultant (Hungary)

Jobbágy Mária Feng Shui consultant (Hungary)

Fengshui kör »

My website is about those successful Feng Shui solutions to be present in everybody’s environment and you are not an exception. Classic Feng Shui will facilitate balance and harmony in your personal as well as your business environment.

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Feng Shui Research Centre International Network

Please refer to this page of this website to locate a qualified FSRC practitioner or lecturer in your area.

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